Wound Care

IMAC Regeneration Centers specialize in advanced therapies including wound care, orthopedic injuries, and neurological conditions.

IMAC is committed to providing the best options for wound healing, such as amniotic tissue grafts, to patients that suffer from slow healing wounds and diabetic ulcers.  Our wound therapies are at the forefront of tissue-based innovation to speed healing and improve clinical outcomes.

 At the IMAC Regeneration Centers, our focus is on providing patients with safe and effective therapies that help their bodies heal without surgery or opioid pain medication.

 Allograft is typically used to help the recipient regenerate healthy tissue and return to normal function.

 This tissue contains active cells that contain regenerative molecules as well as growth factors. The Allograft allows faster and more efficient wound healing.

 Allograft tissues have been shown to improve surgical outcomes and wounds by reducing fibrosis, preventing adhesions and providing growth factors that aid the healing process.

For more information on Wound Care services, please call 844-266-4622 to connect to a physician nearest you.

Diabetic Ulcers

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Injuries

Tunneling Wounds

Slow Healing Wounds


8 Weeks of treatment.

Results may vary.



All major insurances and Medicare are accepted.