May 19, 2021 | IMAC 4 Life


“With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.”
– Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright and poet

Many are familiar with this famous quote and for those of us at IMAC Regeneration Centers, we know aging is coming. And unless you are Benjamin Button, time and age are not discriminatory.  They are constant and they ARE coming. If we stay in a traditional mindset, we too may be satisfied with the thought process that we all age, we all breakdown or degenerate and we all will have health issues in our lifetime. It is par for the course for the journey of life.

The difference however is in how IMAC approaches the aging process. And here is where we start to set ourselves apart from traditional healthcare. By the way, can we call it healthcare when we almost always respond to sickness? But that’s a conversation for another day.In last week’s IMAC 4 LIFE blog, we discussed WHAT is IMAC, and today we tackle WHY IMAC. The why can be answered simply with those three exact letters … W-H-Y.

W as in World Class
Whether it is work or play, function or fancy, IMAC is about getting YOU back to it. The care we deliver can be likened to a five-star hotel. We believe in customer service, offering a superior patient experience and the power of potentially life-changing results that the regenerative medicine we provide can deliver to our patients. All our medical professionals have seen the shortcomings found in the traditional healthcare model. We believe IMAC’s cutting-edge techniques and treatment protocols are the difference only we can provide and enable us to provide world-class healthcare.

We have set ourselves apart as the regenerative medicine authority due to the high volume of patients we see (in excess of 10,000 visits per month), but also because our approach is three pronged. We treat orthopedic conditions, manage rehabilitation and help patients return to full function with little or now pain. We do ALL of that with five-star treatment. Shouldn’t that be the expectation when it comes to our health, our bodies and our well-being? At IMAC we believe it is.

H as in Healing
IMAC is all about your health, actually healing what ails you and causes you pain. We do that by changing the way we approach health. We do not believe that pills fix a problem, especially as it relates to musculoskeletal disease. And often the result of a failed surgery will impact a patient for the rest of their life. We believe that our treatment can help you avoid unnecessary surgeries AND the use of opioids. If that is possible, then why not at least give it a look.

And unlike most traditional treatments, ours does not require time off from work, stopping the play or impeding your ability to thrive and live. IMAC works with the patient to keep them engaged in life as much as possible. Recovery time is part of life and to dismiss interruptions in your day to day to deliver the care you need.

Y as in You
IMAC is about YOU. We exist to help you. From the moment a patient walks into any of our 16 centers, we do everything possible to make them comfortable and feel like they belong. You see, many patients long to connect with providers that care, that listen and provide choices and options to their care. IMAC’s mindset is not to tell the patient what they need and then guilt them into agreement. And we know that our way is NOT the only way.

Our staff is trained to listen, to investigate and to formulate options for the patient that gets to the root cause of their underlying condition. From there the patient, our customer, has input into their treatment plan and care. We believe in clinical leadership not healthcare dictatorship. We find that as we collaborate with the patient, we have much better success in providing real solutions that move the needle to success.

Our why can be summed up in a simple manner – the human body is an amazing machine and at IMAC we strive to keep that machine functioning, at all times, in all situations, to the best of our ability. Our excitement to achieve success with our patients drives us to continue to chase innovation and advancements in healthcare.

If you are looking to live, really live, Oscar Wilde covered that one too, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Don’t’ let your pain or limitations hold you back. Come see us at IMAC and give us a chance to help you live.

Author: Sandy Miller, VP of Clinical Development