Which is it – Multiple Sclerosis, disc herniation or both?

Jul 19, 2016 | Blog, David Price, IMAC Western Kentucky, Ozzie Smith

According to a recent study, a large percentage of Multiple Sclerosis patients have degenerative disc disease.  Disc herniations in the cervical or lumbosacral spine can mimic the clinical symptoms of MS and worsen patients’ quality of life.  In other words, your health condition could be MS, it could be a herniated disc, or it could be BOTH. 


Before a diagnosis of MS can be confirmed, doctors must rule out any other condition that could be causing your symptoms, including a herniated disc.  For some MS patients, the neurological deterioration may result from coexisting spinal cord compression caused from a herniated disc.  Because there are no laboratory tests or particular symptoms that definitively point to a diagnosis of MS, confirming the diagnosis can be a complex process. It’s not unusual for people to be told they have MS when they actually have something else, or for the diagnosis to be missed in people who actually have MS.  Diagnosis of MS is a complicated process.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to receive the most innovative treatment for MS and disc herniation at the same medical clinic – without surgery or prescription medication?


IMAC Regeneration Center is the only integrated medical center in the United States to offer this innovative, multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach to improving your health.  Our team of doctors would love the opportunity to evaluate your specific test results and see how we can help you gain a better quality of life through options such as spinal decompression, stem cell treatments and physical therapy.

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