The Ins & Outs of Insurance

Jun 8, 2021 | IMAC 4 Life

The Ins & Outs of Insurance

When it comes to healthcare, it seems like there are always more questions than answers. At IMAC, that is no different. In fact, because we work in regenerative medicine – an area of healthcare that is generally less known and understood by the general population – we have even more questions to answer, and rightfully so.

Every DAY, around every one of our 16 clinics, our staff hears common questions from patients, family members and loved ones that deserve to be addressed. And many of those questions and concerns revolve around insurance, payments and specific plans for treatment. Let’s dive in.

Here are some to the most frequent questions we hear.

Q: I want to come in and get evaluated. Do I need a referral from my doctor?
A: No, you do not need a referral as far as IMAC is concerned. However, many insurance plans have referral requirements so you may need one, depending on your coverage. Call or come by any of our clinics and we will get you set up for a consultation. All it will cost you is whatever amount you normally pay for a doctor’s office visit. We will build a treatment plan for your care, and you can decide what you want to do from there.

Q: Will my insurance cover my treatment plan?
A: It depends. Let me explain. Many of the services IMAC offers are covered my most insurance plans and are subject to the limitations of your specific policy. However, some of our regenerative services may not be covered. We make every effort to review your benefits with you and assist you in making an educated decision about your treatment plan.

Q: Who decides what is covered?
A: Each insurance company determines which procedures they will cover in all aspects of your medical care and treatment, and IMAC is no different. As we discussed previously, some of our services are covered while others are not. Your insurance premiums are affected by what services are covered across the board. IMAC is an in-network provider for most insurance companies. We will verify your benefits and inform you of your coverage before any treatment is provided.

Q: For the portion of my plan that is not covered by insurance, how do I pay for that?
A: IMAC will bill your insurance company for the portions of your care that are covered by your plan. For the portions outside that, we offer flexible payment plans and will work with you on the parts that are your responsibility. All of this is explained ahead of time as we believe in good communication and managing expectations. Each clinic has a Patient Care Coordinator that will work with you on how, when and where to make payments for your approved treatment plan.

Q: Is regenerative medicine guaranteed to work?
A: No medical treatment in the world is guaranteed to work, and regenerative medicine is no different. However, IMAC has treated thousands of cases over the years, and we have patient data that shows more than 80 percent of patients reporting improvement. And our patient population averages 55+ so the results are coming from those with advanced conditions. Typically, our patients have one of three options: surgery, regenerative care or do nothing. Our goal is to provide an option that eliminates or delays surgery, avoids opioids and improves your function/pain.

Regardless of your condition, insurance coverage, geographic location or previous experience with regenerative healthcare providers, we would love the chance to prove how IMAC does things differently, AND how that equals results. Results that have been proven time and time again by the thousands of patients we have seen and continue to see. It works.

Give us a call, drop by any one of our 16 locations or find us online at Do NOT let your insurance be the hurdle that keeps you from living your best, pain-free life.

Thanks for reading.
Dr. Joe

Author: Joe Verna, VP of Compliance