Tim C.

At first I was optimistic when I first heard through a friend how much IMAC helped with his back issues, and I was actually scheduled for surgery when I decided to give IMAC a chance. Since then I have never looked back. Although it takes a lot longer to heal than it takes you to break your body down, the men and women at IMAC have actually become family to me.  (don’t let them know it though, Don’t want them to get a big head) They allowed me to enjoy life again with my family and friends  and the outdoors where I enjoy it most without the constant pain and suffering I was enduring every day.  I wished I would have taken the leap, and knew about what they are able to do with their knowledge and treatment capabilities a long time ago.  They grew on me so much that I continue care through them for chiropractic and maintaining my health. They have some of the best people (they actually laugh at my jokes) (some think I am crazy probably) (It’s their fault because I feel good) . From my journey that started  with Murray Ky IMAC (They are really awesome, I think they love me back) to my medical treatments and continued Chiro at Paducah (They have to put up with me now hahaha) Thank you all for what you do!!! Seriously you change lives and are a blessing!!!!

– Tim C.

Committed to Success without surgery.