Since the age of seven, I have had a form of arthritis. As a child, my joints were often swollen, fevered, and painful. During my teenage years, things were better, but not 100% okay. I continued through my college years and early teaching career with achy joints, especially my knees.
At age twenty-three, my right knee was in really bad shape; my orthopedic doctor decided that total knee “repair” was necessary. The ortho doctor told me that in about fifteen years that I would be a candidate for knee replacement.
However, I was “good to go” with that knee, until until in my fifties. The arthritis had caused much damage to my knees. I had steroid injections numerous times, with my ortho doctor telling me that I was a prime candidate for both knees to be replaced.
My knees started “giving out,” and I fell several times over a period of years; each time injuring my knees in one way or another. I had surgery on my left knee at age fifty-nine, due to torn menisci.
Finally, after moving back to KY, I kept seeing ads on TV about IMAC. Not wanting to go through knee replacement surgery, I decided to “give it a try.” After starting therapy, another fall caused me to injure my right knee — MRI results showed a torn ACL and torn menisci. That was when I decided to follow through with the initial suggestion of medical treatments at IMAC.
I am so thankful I made that decision — Without IMAC, I would have had to have both knees replaced — since treatment at IMAC, I have been “good to go,” with both knees! Folks there are wonderful & caring in every way! I can’t sing their praises loudly enough! IMAC means the world to me!

– Rhonda

Committed to Success without surgery.