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Over the course of a typical day around any of IMAC’s 15-plus clinics, there are some frequently asked questions we hear over and over. The most frequent ones: What IS IMAC? What makes IMAC different? Why should I trust my care to you? All great questions. And we will be answering all of them here in this space over the next few weeks. Today, I am going to address the WHAT.

What we do at IMAC is very different than almost any other medical clinic or facility you have ever been to in your life so explaining it can be a challenge. In addition to that, the term ‘regenerative medicine’ can mean so many different things to people depending on where they have been, what they have heard or who they have spoken to. It is complicated, but at the same time very simple.

What IS IMAC? The acronym stands for Innovative Medical Advancements & Care. When you break that down, it simply means we are a movement company. Period. Our purpose and No. 1 goal is to help YOU get back to full function, to pain-free living. Because let’s face it, how much fun is it to go through life with a limp, with a cane or other assistive device, constantly in pain? Zero fun.

How do we do that? One of our clinical staff will dig into more specifics in a later blog (watch for WHY IMAC) so for now I will give an overview. IMAC offers long-term solutions for chronic musculoskeletal conditions (think knee, back, hip, shoulder) without surgery or opioids. If you can heal naturally without either of those two things, then why not give it a chance. Our protocols are proven to work.

Our team of trained medical professionals uses state-of-the-art care combining regenerative medicine – stem cell and plasma rich platelet treatments – and rehabilitation. The rehab consists of physical therapy and chiropractic. We weave all these treatments together in a plan that is customized to your unique condition, ability and life. Our integrated approach is critical to the healing process, and NO ONE does it the way we do. The results speak for themselves.

IMAC has 16 clinics in five states – Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois and Florida – and we have treated thousands of patients over the past two decades. That volume of patient data shows that an overwhelming majority report improvement after being treated by our team. Our goal is to reduce pain, increase mobility and get people back to living a full, functional life. It works.

That is the WHAT of IMAC. Be on the lookout for future messages covering other frequent questions surrounding the WHY and WHO.

If you have questions or would like more information, please get in touch with one of our clinics, comment on this blog, follow us on social media. We would love to hear from you and help you find a solution that makes your life better.

Author: Jeff Ervin, CEO

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