Didn’t I Just Pay to Have That Fixed?!?!

Aug 11, 2016 | Blog, David Price, IMAC Western Kentucky, Ozzie Smith

Have you ever been to a doctor appointment for a joint, such as a knee or a shoulder, and you end up going through X-rays, MRI, physical therapy or surgery? The workup and rehab can be exhaustive!  

So lets say you get better, but in a few months the opposite joint is troubling you…are you kidding me?

It’s a common occurance, but here at the Ozzie Smith Center, we don’t believe in piece mealing or narrowing our focus so much that we miss something. It’s all about understanding the mechanics of how the body compensates for degeneration of the joints.

See the brain is an incredible computer, and automatically adjusts the distribution of body weight across the weight bearing joints as it senses abnormal wear and tear at a specific site. The brain doesn’t send you an email, but it does send signals like the opposite joint starting to hurt or pain in your back or in different positions. We pay attention to things like that and assess it in the beginning…it’s simple, if you had two flat tires on the front of your car…would you pump up one and leave the other flat? Of course not, nor are we going to use all of your medical benefits on one joint when you need to have both treated.

At the Ozzie Smith Center it’s always about quality of life and making sure we fix the problem(s) the first time. It just makes sense!