Delta Knee Procedure: Proven Non-Surgical Solution for ACL Tear

Jun 28, 2017 | Blog, In the Media, News


After returning to the states from a year-long mission trip I was ready to get back to the things I love most, sports being one of them. Unfortunately, while playing in a recreational soccer game I tore my ACL which meant I was out of commission until further notice. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle has always been a priority to me so the news of my ACL was crushing.

When the MRI confirmed I had torn my ACL I meet with the orthopedist about what my next step was going to be. He informed me that with repair and reconstruction the cost would be $20,000 just for surgery. Since I had just returned to the states I did not have current health insurance which lead me to seek alternative treatment options.

I started doing my own research and decided to opt out of surgery completely and go for a non-invasive, more natural treatment option at IMAC Regeneration Centers. Through PRP and stem cell treatment I would be able to use cells from my own body to heal and regenerate my knee.

After completing treatment, I came in for a follow-up visit with the physical therapist at IMAC to see if I was ready to return to everyday activities with no restrictions. Between the functional hop test and triple hop test lead physical therapist, Sandy Miller, stated I “exhibited good form and stability without deficit” which led to me being released. After completing a follow-up MRI the radiologist concluded that my knee was back to normal and that the results were very impressive.

Being able to avoid surgery and get the same results was beyond my expectations. Watch Tara tell her story here.

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