Can Your Osteoarthritic Hip Do THAT?

Sep 12, 2016 | Blog, David Price, IMAC Western Kentucky, Ozzie Smith

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes…but this picture tells you more than what an untrained eye can see. In it you see a man doing a “prayer stretch.” Where I work, I see a man whose hip can now flex to greater than 120 degrees with ease.  I see a man who can now comfortably get down on the floor on all fours and sit back into this stretch. I see a level lumbar spine. You see, when the hip doesn’t flex the lumbosacral spine will rotate trying to achieve motion that the arthritic hip just won’t allow. I see a man who was told he would have to get a hip replacement, in order to “get over his pain” of not being able to sit in a car, or help his right leg into the car with his hands or sit and lean forward in a chair. All of these easy day to day activities this man also saw as LOST. This man did his homework and followed his gut to come to place where seeing is believing.

This is Mark. He is retired and healthy and wanted to enjoy life but was being severely limited by a limp and many of his day to day functions  mentioned above were painful and restricting him from enjoying his retirement. He came to the Ozzie Smith Center to try conservative treatment. He didn’t want th have his hip replaced. While at our center, he received Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and his own stem cells.  Now 8 weeks after that care, he can do this!

If you have hip pain, you are impressed by this movement. To be quite honest, all of our team at the OSC was impressed too. Mark is a stem cell success story. We are grateful for his outcomes but even more excited that he can now lead a life without the constant stress and pain in his hip. If you know someone who suffers with arthritis in the hip or knees or shoulder, will you share this story with them? They too might SEE surgery isn’t the only option. We exist to prove that claim, change people’s lives and see health restored in the body. Come see us!