IMAC Regeneration Centers

IMAC was created to not just mask the symptoms of pain, but with the hope of eliminating pain completely in order to steer patients back towards the life they deserve. IMAC Regeneration Centers are regenerative rehabilitation clinics that harness and boost your body's ability to heal itself. IMAC Regeneration Centers provide a holistic approach toward healing--without prescriptions or surgeries!

From professional athletes with sports injuries to dependent seniors struggling to stay active with everyday pain, IMAC treats patients of all ages and backgrounds. Our medical teams include medical doctors, nurse practitioners, doctors of physical therapy, and doctors of chiropractic. The collaboration of these departments and their compassionate care has resulted in repair of damage and disease in many patients, helping them completely avoid opioids and invasive surgery.

About IMAC Regeneration Centers

IMAC Regenerative Physicians do all injections using an imaging technique, fluoroscopy, that uses X-rays to obtain real-time moving images of the interior being treated with growth factors.  Our IMAC Regenerative Physicians have been trained in Regenerative Medicine, Sports Medicine, Interventional Pain, etc.

IMAC Regeneration Center is an acronym that stands for Innovative Medical Advancements & Care.

You initial examination will be performed by a skilled nurse practitioner or physician assistant.  These skilled professionals work closely with our medical doctors to determine the best treatment option for your specific condition.  If regenerative medicine is recommended as a treatment option, the medical doctor will perform additional examination to ensure the patient is a quality candidate.

It depends on your insurance. Our policy is that we will never let money be a barrier in helping you. If Regenerative Medicine is not within your budget, we will look for another solution that your insurance may cover to still help you.

Our cell-based therapies follow the principles of regenerative medicine, which utilize our own ability to improve blood flow, decrease inflammation and spur new tissue growth.

We are a collaborative group of physicians and scientists who have developed effective, standardized therapies based on regenerative medicine principles. A national network of physician partners administers these therapies using evidence-based, scientific protocols and imaging guidance.

Our regenerative therapies are non-surgical, so most procedures are done in your doctor’s office. Regenerative medicine has been in clinical use since the 1980's and has demonstrated tremendous results globally.

When finding a regenerative therapy clinic, the first step is to research whether the treatments being offered are supported by research such as an Institutional Review Board, or IRB.  IMAC’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Ian White, PhD from Cornell, has over 20 years of extensive research in regenerative medicine.  Dr. White’s commitment to the evolving advancements in cellular medicine, provide the IMAC team with proven insights on viable products and successful treatment outcomes across the globe.

Unlike many local regenerative clinics, IMAC operates as a comprehensive integrated medicine and regenerative center.  We offer non-surgical options from proven, viable sources and customize medically based treatment plans determined by your individual needs.  The IMAC team collaborates on your recommended care plan, which will be discussed in complete detail during your consultation.

We pride ourselves in our personalized plans for each patient that is designed to fit their individual needs. IMAC believes in the use of our bodies and their natural ability to heal themselves, which has led to incredibly positive patient outcomes over the years. Due to the success our patients have seen and the evolving world of medicine, we are expanding quickly throughout the United States in order to ensure we are accessible to anybody in need of care.

Tired of being held back by everyday pain? Let IMAC Regeneration Centers guide you towards the life you’ve been missing.