After a double knee replacement surgery 10 years ago, I hoped I would never have to suffer through anything like that again. Not only was the surgery itself terrible, but the physical therapy and rehabilitation was extremely painful. But, as I turned 70, the arthritis in my shoulders had worsened to the point I had to do something about it. My first appointment was to see an orthopedic surgeon, who unfortunately, recommended another joint replacement surgery.


This news was very discouraging. I began searching for alternatives to surgery to try and prevent going through that excruciating process once again. My research led me to IMAC Regeneration Centers. Known for their cutting-edge regenerative medicine clinics throughout the country, IMAC centers specialize in helping people like me recover- without surgery or prescription pain medication. I truly felt I had to give it a try.

The first step in determining if I was a candidate for the treatment at IMAC, was to have an evaluation by their medical team. After viewing my X-rays and MRI, the doctors felt their non-invasive treatment for my arthritic shoulders would not only repair the degenerative tissue, but allow me to avoid surgery. That was encouraging news!


The treatment I needed, which was based on the severity and damage to the tissue and joints in my shoulders, included stem cells and platelet-rich-plasma injections. A few weeks after my first procedure, I began a customized physical therapy program at IMAC which was the key to the stem cells and PRP growing and repairing new tissue as quickly as possible. I saw immediate pain reduction which continued to decrease as each week passed. Now, my shoulders are completely pain-free and I no longer have to consider joint replacement surgery.

I am so thankful for finding out about IMAC Regeneration Centers. A real advantage for me is they opened a new clinic right down the road from my house in Brentwood – the David Price IMAC Regeneration Center. It was certainly worth the long-distance drive before, but now the convenience makes it even better. I am glad I did not take the advice of the orthopedic surgeon and got a second opinion from the doctors at IMAC. It is amazing that I was able to avoid joint replacement surgery and prescription pain medication- and still ended up pain-free and problem-solved!


If you know anyone suffering from joint pain or looking for an alternative to joint replacement surgery, IMAC Regeneration Centers may be able to help. Please call 1-844-266-IMAC to set up an appointment for an evaluation or email [email protected] for more information. Visit our website to view more testimonials!